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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas


Today was Christmas day, and I got some wonderful gifts. One of my favourites was this frog prince egg box.  
I also got some new pandora beads for my bracelet.  I love beads, and these mean a great deal to me because they came from some amazing people who I consider family. 

I had a great day and when I was done opening my gifts and eating dinner, I got to visit my 104 year old grandad.  He is an amazing man, who builds clocks and musical instruments.  He plays several musical instruments, and did a small show for us all on his violin this year.  Being near him has always made me happy, and seeing him makes me smile.  He is so wise, and kind.  I am not sure I will ever meet another person like him.  He has taught me so much.  

This is how my grandad had his house decorated.  
Here he is fixing, and then playing a violin.  It was go good to hear him play again.  I hadn't heard his violin in years as he's been playing the banjo more lately.  

I had a wonderful time.  The holidays have always been magic at his house.  He never seems to age.  He's been the same since I was a baby.  

I got really sick while I was there tonight.  I tried to hide it.  My leg has been going numb for two days, and the room began spinning while I was there. I lost sight for awhile in my left eye, but it returned.  I hadn't been feeling too well all weekend, but wasn't missing christmas at my grandad's for anything.  I didn't care if I had to be taken in on a streacher.  Fortunately I made it through the night with only a few minor tears of pain.  The joy far outweighed the pain, and I had a fabulous evening.  

Merry Christmas Everyone