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Saturday, December 18, 2010

2:30 In the morning, and still no sleep.

Well, I'm still awake.  I feel exhausted but my body just will not fall asleep, and I'm supposed to go Christmas shopping in the morning with a friend.   I don't have that many friends these days, mostly due to my M.S., so when a friend asks to spend time with me, no matter how bad I feel, I try to jump on the opportunity.  Shopping is getting more difficult for me, because the muscles in my legs seem to give out, and collapse after about 50 feet of walking.  My leg braces help keep my feet pointing in the right direction whenever I walk so my walking looks much more normal, and is less strenuous on me.

When I first got my leg braces, I hated them, but now they are my friend, because they keep me mobile and help me get where I need to go.  I just wish that they looked a bit more attractive.  I am getting some new shoes to wear with them.  As you can see, the shoes that I have are well beaten up from stumbling so much.

Tonight I noticed some numbness in both of my legs, and hope it clears up in the next day or so on it's own.  If not, I will have to call my neurologist and report it.  I'm hoping not to have another round of steroids.

Since I'm having a friend over tomorrow, I'm hoping to finally get the star put on top of the Christmas tree so that I can take a picture of it to share on this blog.  It's such a beautiful tree!!!!    Anyway, off to bed to try to get at least a little bit of sleep.  I can't wait to see how tomorrow turns out.  Shopping is difficult for me because of my legs.  Fortunately, many major stores provide electric scooters, which help me a great deal, and help me feel more independent.  I just wish that those baskets on the front of the scooters at walmart were larger.  They must think that handicapped people don't need to buy much.

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